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A Challenge to Thirty Songs
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Welcome to 30songfics! This is a friendly, low-pressure community for writers and artists who want to explore and develop their skills through and inspired the original 30 Kisses Themes. People of all fandoms are invited to participate and couples of all orientations are welcome. Neither homophobia nor heterophobia will be tolerated.

Feel free to join just to enjoy the fanworks, but don't be intimidated. Writers and artists of all levels are welcome to participate.


01. Unforgiven by the GoGo's
02. Shallow Sleep by hyde
03. My City of Ruins by Bruce Springsteen
04. Photograph by Nickelback
05. Tear Off Your Own Head by the Bangles
06. Unemployed Boyfriend by everclear
07. Here In My Eyes by Kindred Spirit
08. Mad About You by Belinda Carlisle
09. Redemption by Gackt
10. Wishing On Telstar by Susanna Hoffs
11. Wasting My Time by default
12. Crazy For You by Madonna
13. Watermark by the Continental Drifters
14. Six Days on the Road by Sawyer Brown
15. Feeling Fine by L'arc~en~ciel
16. Standing Outside the Fire by Garth Brooks
17. Kokomo by the Beach Boys
18. (Down by the) Great Mistake by the Continental Drifters
19. Foolish Beat by Debbie Gibson
20. Gunning Down Romance by Savage Garden
21. Breathless by The Corrs
22. Only Time by Enya
23. Life in a Northern Town by Dream Academy
24. I Think About You by Collin Raye
25. Wink by Neal McCoy
26. The Promise by When In Rome
27. Cry by Faith Hill
28. Indian Outlaw by Tim McGraw
29. Alcohol by Brad Paisley
30. Why You Wanna Break My Heart by Tia Carrere

Now to get to something that will probably sound a little tricky . . .

This is just a master list. All of the songs listed here are already on CDs and MP3s so, if you haven't heard them, you can buy/download them. However, I'm also going to make it fairly easy for everyone.

You do not have to stick with the master list. You can switch a song or two out or create your own songfic list. IF YOU DO THAT, you must let me know here or I will not acknowledge the entry. I'm very flexible on a lot of things but I must know in advance.

How It Works

(rules ripped from 30_kisses)

[x] Claims: You (and up to one other collaborator) may claim up to two [2] couples at a time. The only caveat is that they must be from two different fandoms. Please note that if you claim two couples, you are committing yourself to complete all thirty themes for each of the two couples. When a couple is claimed, it counts for both writing and art. No one is required to do both, but it's definitely encouraged.

[x] Specifics: Original characters, original stories, crossovers between two fandoms, AU stories, RPS, and songfics are all acceptable. Icons and/or banners are not. (Try iconfiend100 for things such as that.)

[x] Request: at this post with the subject line "songfic request". Make sure you include the full names of both characters and the fandom that they are from. (And please check the list of claimed couples first to make sure they aren't already taken.) The claims list will be updated at least once a week, maybe even quicker. I'd like to try and get back with everyone ASAP.

[x] Done!: When you are done with a couple or decide that you can't/don't want to finish, please leave a comment in this entry. You cannot request a transfer of your couple to another person but someone else is free to request it as soon as you drop it.

[x] Posting: Only fic/art may be posted to this community. (Advertisements for other communities are absolutely not tolerated.) You may use fake cuts, but you must have the correct subject and header information as well as a link to it's actual location.

[x] Archives: All entries are archived once a week. Please let two weeks pass before notifying us of a missing memory. If you do not want your entry archived, please state so in the header.

____ The Idea

[x] Order: Themes do not have to be written in any particular order.

[x] Interpretation: Feel free to interpret each theme however you wish. Just remember, the movie indicated must be involved. It doesn't need to be the focal point, but it must be in there one way or another.

[x] Style: The style of your entries is completely up to you. For authors, it can be as short as a paragraph, or as long as a multi-chaptered novel. For artists, it can be a full watercolor or the five-minute sketch you did before class. All that's important is capturing the feeling of the theme.

[x] Works in Progress: You may submit works that are in progress, but please don't make a habit of submitting works that you've already finished and made public.

____ Posting

[x] Format: When you post, please use the following format:

Subject line:
Title (fandom, pairing, challenge #)
For example, the subject line for my drabble for challenge #17 (a simple request) would be: Desperation (Inuyasha, Inuyasha x Sango, #17).

Theme: (include the # and the theme)
Disclaimer: (yes, you need one every time! unless you're doing your own original work, in which case I'd suggest including a claimer. ) IF YOUR FANDOM INVOLVES REAL PEOPLE, your disclaimer MUST state that your fanworks are purely fictional and do not imply any actual relationship or event.

[x] LJ-cut: Anything longer than a paragraph and ALL artwork must be put behind an LJ-cut.

[x] Ratings: All ratings are welcome, but anything of an R or higher rating must be clearly marked as such in front of the LJ-cut.

[x] Plagiarism: will absolutely not be tolerated.

[x] Feedback: is encouraged. Please state the type of feedback that you're looking for as well.


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